Cultivating tomorrow’s wealth: our objectives for investing in soil health

Strenghten stakeholer communities and partnerships for case studies

We will map stakeholders, foster co-creation, and develop partnerships. Through a shared digital platform, we will ensure effective communication at different levels, integrating knowledge for sustainable development.

Defining soil health indicators and the economic value of ecosystem services

We will use various sources of information to define a conceptual framework for the valuation of ecosystem services provided by healthy soils and the impacts of soil interventions tested in the project case studies.

Analyze the impact of existing soil health business models and upscaling

We will analyze business models and identify scaling factors through case analyses and literature reviews. The project will generate key evidence on the benefits of upscaling strategies positively impacting soil health.

Co-design new business models based on soil health valuation

We will identify and co-design, together with stakeholders involved through the digital platform, new ways to transition into more soil-health-friendly systems. The project will explore new business models for enhancing soil health.

Analyze soil health's political landscape and propose policy guidelines

We will analyze and propose guidelines to introduce the economic aspect of soil health into policies by mapping and reviewing economic incentives for soil health and identifying successful social, technical, and business factors.

Communicate and disseminate soil healths economic worth and knowledge

We will communicate, disseminate and exploit our findings through webinars, conferences, and publications to establish effective processes of continuous knowledge exchange with stakeholders beyond the project.
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