Studii de caz

Descoperă studiile de caz ale proiectului nostru

Regiuni mediteraneene

  • Living Lab 1: Mediterranean Agricultural Soil: The Living Lab in Sardinia addresses climate change and extreme events, soil pollution due to agricultural activities, land abandonment, and water scarcity. It applies Conservation Agriculture practices, providing evidence for sustainable soil management, and improving soil health and soil fertility.

  • Lighthouse 1: Mediterranean Forestry Soil: The farm El Baldio Talavan focuses on restoring and reforesting damaged areas, promoting biodiversity, and preserving native species. It implements rotational grazing practices to improve forest soil quality in Extremadura.

  • Lighthouse 2: Mediterranean Industrial Soil: This LH is focused on the restoration of soils, water, and ecosystems in the Saelices el Chico uranium mine. Innovative techniques (technosoils) convert acidic soil systems, enhance biodiversity, and foster stable ecosystems while minimizing contaminants.

Regiuni atlantice

  • Lighthouse 3: Atlantic Industrial Soil: the Touro mine LH addresses the restoration of soils contaminated by copper mining activities through the implementation of technosoils. It aims to promote new techniques that restore ecosystems, improve water quality, and foster diverse vegetation and wildlife, including predatory raptors.

  • Living Lab 3: Atlantic Agricultural Soil: The Living Lab in the Netherlands aims to improve soil quality and income for land managers through lupin crop diversification through organic farming practices and diverse soil care strategies such as wide crop rotation, reduced tillage, cover crops, nitrogen-fixing crops, microorganisms, and compost.

Regiuni continentale

  • Lighthouse 4: Continental Urban Soil: The lighthouse in Croatia addresses soil issues in urban areas, improving soil health through agricultural and forestry systems. It monitors soil health indicators, engaging farmers and officials to promote sustainable land management practices.

  • Living Lab 2: Continental Agricultural Soil: The Living Lab in Switzerland focuses on improving agricultural strategies for carbon storage in arable soils. The soil sampling campaigns analyze climate protection through humus build-up.

Regiuni boreale

  • Lighthouse 5: Boreal Urban Soil: The Vilnius lighthouse in Lithuania utilizes urban spaces for agriculture, addressing land use issues, like erosion, and flooding while improving soil health. It assesses different practices’ impact on soil ecosystem services.

  • Lighthouse 6: Boreal Forestry Soil: This lighthouse focuses on improving forestry soil through sustainable management practices, monitoring groundwater levels, and studying the impact of the Baltic Sea on coastal forests. It aims to enhance soil quality and overall forest management.
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