Practice Abstracts
Effective practices in soil health investments

Our project will provide two batches of abstracts. The first batch, Practice Abstracts - batch 1, will consist of 50 practice abstracts and will be created at the end of the second stage. The second batch, Practice Abstracts - batch 2, will include a minimum of 50 practice abstracts and will be developed at the end of the project. Together, these abstracts will form a comprehensive collection of best practices in soil health investment.

Green Project

Building a sustainable future: our project’s deliverables


InBestSoil is committed to fostering positive change and promoting innovation in the realm of soil health. Our project provides a wide range of deliverables, including:

  • Ethical Guidelines for Data Protection
  • Data Management Plans
  • Soil Health Indicators
  • Economic Valuation Reports
  • Impact Evaluations
  • Policy Recommendations

These deliverables aim to provide practical insights, facilitate informed decision-making, and establish a foundation for sustainable soil health management practices.


From insights to impact: find out more about healthy soil


Behind the scenes: dive into the project’s video stories

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Common challenges, collective solutions: explore other projects with similar goals and missions

The PREPSOIL (Preparing for the "Soil Deal for Europe" Mission) project facilitates the deployment of the Mission across European regions. This will be achieved through the co-creation and rollout of tools and spaces for interaction, knowledge-sharing, and co-learning, as well as stocktaking and dialogue to understand how regional assessment of soil needs, supported by harmonized monitoring mechanisms, can then lead to action in living labs and lighthouses for soil health.


Diverfarming is a Horizon 2020 project aiming to use crop diversification and low-input farming across Europe: from practitioners' engagement and ecosystem services to increased revenues and value chain organization.

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