Related Projects


The PREPSOIL (Preparing for the "Soil Deal for Europe" Mission) project facilitates the deployment of the Mission across European regions. This will be achieved through the co-creation and rollout of tools and spaces for interaction, knowledge-sharing, and co-learning, as well as stocktaking and dialogue to understand how regional assessment of soil needs, supported by harmonized monitoring mechanisms, can then lead to action in living labs and lighthouses for soil health.


Diverfarming is a Horizon 2020 project aiming to use crop diversification and low-input farming across Europe: from practitioners' engagement and ecosystem services to increased revenues and value chain organization.


BIOservicES is a Horizon Europe-funded project that studies the connection between soil organisms and the delivery of multiple soil ecosystem functions and services. The project will identify the challenges of varying land uses and climate change and deliver new indicators on the impact of soil organisms on ecosystem functions and services. Ultimately, BIOservicES will develop digital decision-support tools and models to design climate-resilient management practices and programs adapted to various environments.

AI 4 Soil Health

The EU-funded AI4SoilHealth project will co-design, create, and maintain an open-access, pan-European digital infrastructure built on cutting-edge AI techniques merged with new, in-depth knowledge of and approaches to soil health. The data infrastructure powered by AI will develop a Soil Digital Twin. The project will deliver a coherent Soil Health Index methodology, Rapid Soil Health Assessment Toolbox, AI4SoilHealth Data Cube for Europe, Soil-Health-Soil-Degradation-Monitor, and AI4SoilHealth API and mobile phone app. AI4SoilHealth will test the tools, collecting feedback from target users.


The NOVASOIL project, funded by the EU, aims to showcase the benefits of investing in soil for the environment and society. It will offer a toolbox of good practices, models, and business cases from various parts of Europe and beyond. The primary objective is to promote sustainable soil management under different land uses and climatic conditions while emphasizing soil health. To develop the NOVASOIL toolbox, a team of experts from diverse fields will provide guidance on creating business models focused on sustainable crop and soil management for promoting soil health.


SoilValues aims to improve the conditions for developing successful business models that prioritize soil health. These models encourage land managers to make production decisions that lead to higher levels of soil-based ecosystem services. The project will establish key indicators and models to measure outcomes, as well as testing grounds across Europe. Furthermore, it will design a toolbox of incentives and policy recommendations to support the implementation of successful soil health business models.

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