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The InBestSoil project, led by the University of Vigo and supported by an extensive network of European partners, continues to make significant progress in its mission to assess and promote soil health. Now in its second year of implementation, the project is not just a research endeavour but a catalyst for change. It aims to provide a solid framework for soil conservation and restoration investment with environmental and economic implications, a mission that is only possible with the support and collaboration of our esteemed stakeholders.

In the inaugural year, the InBestSoil project made significant strides in its Communication Strategy, culminating in completing a comprehensive Dissemination, Exploitation, and Communication Plan. To be regularly updated in line with our evolving dissemination and exploitation strategies, this document outlines a series of actions and stages designed to maximise its impact on the target audience.

“We are happy to announce that InBestSoil is gradually becoming a driving force in promoting soil health and educating the community about its environmental and economic importance. In our second year, we maintain momentum and redouble our efforts. We are willing to dedicate our resources and closely collaborate with all partners and stakeholders, as well as with other European initiatives and projects, to achieve our goals. Their continued support and involvement are crucial to our success”, stated Diego Soto Gomez, researcher at the University of Vigo and InBestSoil project coordinator.

Creating the project website and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter) facilitates knowledge exchange. The project team is currently engaged on two main fronts: first, it is in the phase of analysing samples from our selected case studies, which is essential to obtain accurate data on the current condition of the soil, and developing guidelines based on these measurements, that will help establish the economic value of the soil. These guidelines are vital to understanding how soil services not only contribute to the local economy but also to global environmental well-being. On the other hand, some members focus on developing a soil health certification system and structuring financial instruments to support soil ecosystem services, thereby contributing to the conservation and improvement of soil health in Europe and beyond.

The project is also connected to the InBestSoil Portal ( to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration within the soil health community and sister projects within Mission Soil. This online portal is a central hub for initiatives and organisations involved in soil health, providing a safe and interactive environment for exchanging ideas, virtual events and access to relevant resources. Members can collaborate effectively through the portal, facilitating efforts to conserve and improve soil health across Europe and beyond.

Moreover, as part of the project, ZABALA Innovation Consulting conducted a detailed analysis of the stakeholders involved in soil health. The mapping identifies and assesses vital actors and their relevance to the project, strengthening collaboration between the entities involved. ZABALA also contributes to developing dissemination strategies to share the project’s results and knowledge with various stakeholders.

Through its inclusive and cooperative approach, the InBestSoil project unites experts from diverse fields, such as scientific research, governance, agriculture, and communication, among others. This collaborative effort is dedicated to identifying optimal practices and innovative solutions for soil health and establishing a system for the economic valuation of soil services that integrates this critical resource into business model development. The project aims to devise effective strategies and technologies to safeguard and enhance soil health across Europe, promoting sustainable and responsible management of this essential resource.

About InBestSoil

The InBestSoil project, led by the University of Vigo and coordinated by the researcher Diego Soto Gómez, started in January 2023. By using an innovative business model, the objective of InBestSoil is to create a framework for investing in the conservation and restoration of soil health by developing a system of economic valuation of the ecosystem services provided by healthy soil and incorporating it into the business model development and policymaking process. 

This enables public and private organisations to design strategies with local stakeholders and work collectively to deliver EU policies, providing data, evidence, tools, and models to assess how investments in soil health can contribute to the transition to a durable and long-term resistance of the soil.

This 48-month project, funded by the European Union through the Horizon Europe program, has a budget of more than 5 million euros. It involves nineteen partners from 10 countries with very different profiles: universities, small and medium-sized enterprises, consultancies, farmers, NGOs, and other entities.

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©Copyright 2023. All Rights Reserverd InBestSoil


©Copyright 2023. All Rights Reserverd InBestSoil

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