Empowering Sustainable Investments for a Resilient Future

InBestSoil is an innovative project funded by the European Union through the Horizon Europe program that revolutionizes the perception of soil health by developing an economic valuation system integrated into business models.

What is InBestSoil?

At InBestSoil, we are on a 48-month mission to develop an economic valuation system for healthy soil ecosystem services and interventions. Our goal is to integrate soil health into business models, provide data and tools for long-term resilience and sustainability, and protect the essential role of soil.

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Our Mission

We envision a sustainable future that prioritizes the welfare of our planet. By revitalizing soil health and recognizing its economic significance, we strive to build a resilient ecosystem that benefits present and future generations. Together, we can achieve a harmonious balance between human prosperity and environmental integrity through the power of healthy soil.

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Soil is an essential part of our life on Earth. Find out more about how sustainable practices can improve soil quality and impact our way of living.


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Take action for soil health today and a sustainable tomorrow!

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